August 2020
We were privileged to take part in a baby naming ceremony on August 12th - a custom in Nigeria for announcing the names given by family members to new born babies. This occasion took place under the current coronavirus restrictions on church meetings so we were unable to sing and were required to wear face masks and maintain social distancing. The meeting was however streamed live and can still be seen on our YouTube channel here. YouTube logo
April 2020
Our dear sister Ann Thistlethwaite passed away on Wednesday April 1st and went to be with her Lord in glory. The funeral service is being held at St. Peter's Church on Wednesday April 22nd at 1:00pm but can only be attended by a limited number of people due to the lockdown. When the restrictions are lifted we plan to hold a Thanksgiving service at Witton Chapel in remembrance of Ann.
During the Coronavirus lockdown our regular services are being run using Zoom and also streamed live on YouTube for the benefit of visitors who would like the opportunity to connect to our church services.
March 2020
Before the Covid-19 lockdown, we were able to hold a gardening work party at the Chapel and tidied up the bushes and shrubs ready for the springtime.
Garden workparty
Garden workparty
Unfortunately we have had to postpone our planned baptismal service due to the restrictions on public gatherings currently in place. When we are able to resume our normal services we plan to set another date for this baptismal service.
February 2020
We are pleased to announce that God willing, we have a baptismal service planned for the Sunday evening of March 29th 2020 with a number of folk making public profession of faith in Christ Jesus by being baptised in obedience to our Lord's command.
November 2019
Donated items for Care Sri Lanka included clothes (for children and adults), babyware, knitted blankets, knitted clothes, knitted children's toys, kitchenware, crockery, spectacles and a mountain bike. A work party helped to box up all the items which have now been transported to the shipping agent in London.
Packing Boxes
October 2019
Items are being collected for the next shipment on November 5th to Sri Lanka to help needy Believers. Suggested items include clothes (new or nearly new), computers (3-4 yrs old), sewing machines, household items, hand tools, toys, bicycles, spectacles and mobile phones (good working order with charger).
August 2019
Our Open Air witness continues in Droitwich on the 3rd Saturday of each month. We now regularly use a location where many people arrive from the car parks or walk between Morrisons supermarket and the town centre shops. The location also has a number of benches which allows folk to listen to the preaching while taking a rest from shopping.
Open Air Preaching
April 2019
On Saturday April 27th, Witton Chapel hosted a visit from Creation Ministries International and two talks were presented on topics highlighting the impact of erroneous views of origins. Audio recordings of the sessions are available here.
27 April 2019
Gavin Cox
The Age of the Earth and the Relevance to the Gospel
27 April 2019
Dominic Statham
Different Races or One Human Family?
March 2019
On Saturday March 9th David Gayton gave a stirring presentation on the history of Open Air Preaching, tracing the personalities and the preachers who, through the centuries have faithfully proclaimed the Gospel of Christ in times of persecution and times of revival. The recording of this talk is available here.
9 March 2019
David Gayton
A History of Open Air Preaching
February 2019
Our dear brother Paul Lewis was called home to be with his Lord and Saviour on February 1st 2019. Paul had been the Pastor at Welcome Hall Evangelical Church in Catshill for 37 years, retiring in 2010. His funeral service was held on February 15th at Welcome Hall and a recording of the service is available here.
A special meeting for the young people was held on February 2nd with a guest speaker, Professor Steve Taylor from Liverpool University, speaking about Christianity and Science, providing solid arguments for the reasonable basis of the Christian message and highlighting the inability of science to provide answers to the real questions of life. An article on this subject, co-authored by Steve Taylor can be found on the Answers in Genesis website: here.
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